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Friday, February 13, 2004
A Love Hate Relationship
I'm talk'n about computers here. I envy those who can really do what they will on them. I find it funny how I have all the patience in the world for needlework but computers...NOT! Then when the gliches come it truly sends me over the top. Lucky for me my dear sweet husband can often come to the rescue. Then there is the love side. I can play about on the boards and online shops all day. Completely waste a day and have no idea how I did so. What I thought was only a couple of hours, whoa not so.
Monday, February 09, 2004
Oh The Pain
For some reason my back is KILLING me today! Work will not be fun tonight. Did I mention the headache too? Good Grief who wants to read about all this whining, not me! Good Bye!
Wednesday, February 04, 2004
If I am not careful
I have currently lost 19 pounds but the change in my work schedule has begun to make my recent weight loss a real challenge to maintain. I am home so much more now then what I ever was before. I think I need to take some of ole Dr. Phil's advice and create that no fail enviroment. This of course will not make the husband so happy but he could lose a few pounds too. I am really not sure how to go about this so that it sticks. No wonder this is called the Battle Of The Bulge. I better start reading Dr. Phil's book too. Food truly is a love hate relationship. Grrr!
Tuesday, February 03, 2004
So It Begins
I have made many attempts throughout my lifetime to journal. None have come to fruition. I have many blank journals to show for it, down right cool looking ones too. LOL.
As a child I watched my Grandmother keep a diary and I remember seeing stacks and stacks of the diaries that she had written in through the years. She was so kind as to allow me free access to them as a child. I marveled at the hardships my Grandmother lived through and the inventions that came into her life as technology developed. Being born in 1899 she saw many things.
So It Begins today. Today, I honor my Grandmother for her love of the hand written word and I dedicate my Blog to her. Thank you Grandmother for sharing your life and your thoughts with me. I pray her spirit shall journey with me always.

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